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Diaspora Award notice for 2009

INLS Awards for Significant Contribution to Nepali Literature and Languages in Diaspora

International Nepali Literary Society (USA) Award Committee invites nominations for the following awards:

First INLS-NRN Khemlal Harikala Lamicchane Outstanding Research on Nepali Diasporic Literature


Any individual or an organization or an institution for their outstanding research on Nepali Literature and language of Nepali Diaspora beyond South Asia.

Any individual or organization or an institution will qualify for their on-going or a completed/published research work.
Nominee could be from any country in the world.

First INLS-NRN Nripa Dhwaj Karki Memorial Nepali Literature Award

An NRN/PNO writer in the Nepali Diaspora (outside of South Asia).

Nominee must have made significant contribution in the development Nepali language and literature in the Diaspora.

First INLS-NRN Phool Kumari Mahato Memorial Nepali Literature Award


It is grant the first INLS-Diaspora Late Phool Kumari Mahato Memorial Fellowship to Nepali department, Tribhuwan University (Nepal). The fellowship is sponsored by Dr. Upendra Mahato (Russia) to encourage individuals and institutions in South-Asia to study and research on the language and literature of the diaspora. The award includes $500.00 cash and a plaque.

a. Award consists of $500.00 cash and a plaque every two years.

b. Awardees will be honored during pre-convention literary program at 3rd NRN Convention in Kathmandu (Nepal) on October 14, 2009.

Nomination Process

1. Any individual or an organization can nominate by sending an email to inlsaward@googlegroups.com and stimsina@yahoo.com along with a detailed bio of an individual or an organization you nominate.

2. Nominations could also be mailed to Suman R Timsina, 311 Ross Lane, Collegeville, PA 19426.
3. All nominations must be received by January 15, 2009

4. Must submit a write-up on how and why do you think your nomination will qualify for these awards. It must highlight their contributions.

5. INLS Award committee members will not qualify for this award.

Award selection process

The award committee of INLS will manage awards. A clear guideline will be prepared for the criteria of the award and a selection procedure.

Suman R Timsina

Chair for

INLS Award Committee

Email: inlsaward@googlegroups.com

Phone: (610) 831 9286